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Do you want to develop your activities in a multicultural workplace? is a database maintained by STTK for workplaces and supervisors. On this page, you will find advice on valuing diversity, dealing with racism and creating a safer workplace.


Do you know the right terms? Mistakes happen to everyone, and they are not to be feared. We have compiled a glossary that is relevant to the fight against racism, and it is worth exploring it.


Racism is a multidisciplinary and structural system that also has a strong impact on working life. What is racism? What about microaggressions? What if they call me a racist? You will find answers to these questions and more.

Cultural Competence 

In a successful team, everyone gets to be exactly who they are. A good supervisor is aware of the cultural backgrounds of their team members and has a discussion with each of them about their specific habits. The Finnish way of working is not the only way to work efficiently.


Orientation is always extremely important, but in a multicultural team, it is even more important. A good supervisor can also explain ways that are not recorded in the rules. They can create an open and receptive atmosphere in the workplace. 

Equality Planning 

Equality planning is often discussed at company level, but it can also be a way to a more inclusive culture for team supervisors. Check out our five-point model, which can be used by every supervisor, company and organisation

A Safer Space

The principles for a safer space are a practical tool for businesses and supervisors for creating a non-discriminatory and respectful environment. Find information about the principles, and how to plan for them.

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Are you interested in developing diversity, equity and inclusion? Check the list of experts, books and online materials that have been included in creating this page’s content.